Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our review on the Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive - Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort

           We recently went on vacation to the Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive - Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort I wanted to share our experience.

      I posted  the pictures and ratings that were online before we left and wanted to share our actual experience.

                                                        We had a Great vacation!
The staff was excellent! They were friendly accommodating-couldn't ask for more. The Resort was nice, not as nice as the original pics-I am a little picky. Our room was like the pictures beautiful modern-really happy. However, our air conditioning wasn't working that well they fixed it. Our son's were given a handicap room and the shower was open with no lip to catch the water and kept flooding their room so they changed their room. The new room smelled like mold-it bothered me but not my sons so they stayed in it.
This was the TV in our room-love the way they surrounded it!

The food was really good sometimes with all-inclusive's in the past the food is ok theirs was consistently good. I had my fill of guacamole and salsa-yum! If they didn't have what you wanted they would try to get it for you. For instance my youngest son missed breakfast and wanted some chicken nuggets I didn't see them on the buffet that day and asked if he could have some and they got him some-very nice:)

So pretty! Love their attention to detail:)

How cool is that:)

This was at our lunch buffet restaurant


My Husband's dinner at the french restaurant
Sea Bass
Love their prsentation

My Son's duck dinner
He loved it!

My son Brandt is holding the card they give you at the Brazilian restaurant
 green means keep bringing me meat- red means stop had enough:)
The actual resort was really nice kept up really well overall. There were a few exceptions like in the Lobby they had these decorative light shades that were hanging from the ceiling were dirty and rusting, ceiling in main Dining Buffet Room had patches that needed to be filled painted and sanded and the white drapes that hung for a spa like feel needed to be cleaned.

The view of the resort from our room

Our favorite spot on the 5th floor they had a sushi bar and
 infinity pool
with amazing views

The resort from the beach
The beach and water-beautiful!

My husband and son strike a pose

Overall it was a wonderful vacation-we would go back:)

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